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Points Breakdown
Appearance Field 1
Goal Field 10
Assist Field 5
Shot Off Goal Field 0.5
Shot On Goal Field 2
Penalty Kick Missed Field -5
Completed Pass Field 0.1
Chance Field 1
Tackle Won Field 0.5
Interception Field 0.5
Blocks Field 0.5
Clearance Field 0.5
Foul Field -1
Yellow CardAll-2
Red CardAll-5
Save Goalie 3
Cross Defended Goalie 1
Misplay Goalie -2
Smother Goalie 1
Penalty Kick Save Goalie 10
Goal Against Goalie -5
Clean Sheet Bonus Goalie 10
One Goal Allowed Bonus Goalie 3
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  • FPPG - Fantasy Points Per Game
  • Proj - Projected points the player will score for the upcoming match
  • Opp - The player's opponent(s), and whether the match will be at Home (H) or Away (A)
  • % to Start - The player's chance to start this week